New American-Made Clothing Line By Biden’s Daughter Is Making A Huge Impact On Impoverished Communities

While Ivanka Trump is making headlines for having her Chinese made clothing being dropped from retailer after retailer, one political figure’s daughter is doing quite the opposite. Instead of outsourcing American jobs to foreign factories and producing clothing that just doesn’t sell, Joe Biden’s daughter has been creating clothing right here in America, and helping poor people around the country.

Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, is truly beating the Trump family at their own game by making clothes that both sell well and help the country, two things that nobody in the Trump clan seems to have figured out. Biden’s family has long been heavily involved in public service, but Ashley’s new project takes that even further.

Ashley’s brand, Livelihood, is available to buy on Gilt, and combines Ashley’s amazing talents for fashion design with her and her father’s dedication to helping low-income Americans. In fact, Ashley and her family have promised to pledge all of the profits into two impoverished communities in America every year.

Instead of being removed from the process and simply setting up the business and letting others run it like a Trump child might do, Ashley is staying directly involved. In fact, the two towns that will be the first to receive aid are the town in Delaware in which she was born, and Anacostia, D.C., where she first worked.

Clearly, the world of high fashion has been impressed. Vogue has already put forth an article advocating for the brand, and celebrities like Aubrey Plaza have started touting it. Truly, Ashley has hit the best of both worlds here: she’s managed to impress the fashionistas while staying true to her desire to help poor Americans around the country.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Ashley has designed a model for this charity that acknowledges her privilege and puts the power back in the hands of the community members. Instead of coming in and telling these communities how to best spend their money, Ashley is taking a huge leap in philanthropic strategy: she’s letting community leaders themselves deciding how to spend the money.

Even though it’s important that Democrats around the country continue to march with our feet, they must vote with their wallets as well. Next time you’re thinking about buying a hoodie, check out Livelihood and consider a purchase that’ll make you look great and help a community in need as well.

Make sure to share this article, and let friends know about Ashley’s efforts to help communities in need. By letting your friends know about this clothing line, you can let Trump and Ivanka know that you prefer American sourced clothing with a socially conscious goal as opposed to their line of cheap, money-grabbing foreign-made clothing.

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Source: Daily Kos



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