Marco Rubio Testifies, Confirms that Russians Will Attack Anyone That’s Ever Opposed Trump

Earlier this morning, another high-profile Republican legislator dropped a bombshell on the ongoing Congressional hearings in the House and Senate that have been investigating any potential connections between Trump’s campaign team, his current administration, and possible Russian hacks. While most people are aware of the Russian hacks that occurred throughout the campaign season against Democratic National Convention and Hillary Clinton email servers, it would appear that elected officials at all levels of government are being targeted by Russian agents.

Apparently, anyone who has opposed Donald Trump at any point during his candidacy is a potential target of Russian espionage. Marco Rubio made a statement earlier indicating that his staffers have been the victims of Russia attempts to gain access to their private information not once, but twice: once while he was running for President, and again earlier today. Both attempts were unsuccessful, but it’s terrifying that Russians are still trying to interfere with American elections.

While Trump’s connection to Russia has yet to be completely proved, this certainly doesn’t help his case. Rubio was one of Trump’s most vocal and dedicated opponents throughout his Presidential campaign, and held back on endorsing Trump until late in the campaign season. Trump has said at multiple times that he plans to hold grudges against anyone who refused to endorse him, so this could explain any potential animosity between Trump and Rubio.

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have had a rocky relationship in the past, as Rubio was one of his biggest critics during many of the Republican primary debates.

The fact that Rubio is willing to testify at these Congressional hearings is significant in and of itself, as it’s widely known that these hearings have been absolutely terrible for Trump and his cabinet. If a high-profile Republican like Marco Rubio is willing to come out and contribute to these hearings despite the fact that they’ve been so detrimental to the White House, then the Republican party must be suffering from some pretty intense division between its different factions.

In fact, this recent testimony marks only the latest of many developments that are making the fractures in the Republican party more and more publicly visible. A radically conservative group of Republicans in the House called the Freedom Caucus completely dismantled Trump’s failed health bill, and many Republican elected officials have been facing furious reactions from their constituents at town halls and rallies if they fail to oppose Trump’s policies.

As Congressmen continue to oppose Trump’s agenda, the President has found himself completely incapable of advancing any of his policy goals. This means that the grassroots movements being conducted by Democrats around the country are starting to work, and even Republican elected officials aren’t willing to risk their reputations by approving any of the President’s most dangerous and ill-founded policies.

Rubio’s announcement is terrifying, as it shows that Trump’s potential Russian allies will attack anyone who ever opposed him, even if they’re also Republicans. Being as Republican leadership in the House has attempted to shut off the flow of information as of these committees, it’s more important now than ever to make sure that Democrats hear about Rubio’s statements. If you agree, please share this article with friends and family on Facebook, and let them know that their efforts to influence their lawmakers in Congress have been working.



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