Jeff Sessions Uses First Day to Revoke Transgender Child Protection

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s newest cabinet member has wasted no time in pushing the regressive and anti-LGBTQ policies we’ve come to expect from his administration. Within 24 hours of being sworn in, Jeff Sessions has already elected to take the issue of transgender rights in schools out of courts. By refusing to appeal an important ruling in Texas, Sessions has helped reverse the years of transgender progress that took place under Obama.

For most people, it seems obvious that the rights of children are one of the most important things for the government to protect. Jeff Sessions, however, never got this memo. By refusing to contest the Texas ruling that stated Obama’s past practices of expanding the rights of transgender children in school were illegal, Sessions made attending school a more difficult experience for kids around the nation.

It’d be bad enough if the Trump administration were simply pushing an agenda that targeted and oppressed LGBTQ individuals, but this move was specifically aimed at kids. Sexual and gender identity development is an incredibly important part of any adolescent’s psyche, and the measures put into place to protect these children under Obama were key in ensuring that they had healthy educational experiences.

Now, however, Sessions wants to ensure that transgender children aren’t allowed to use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in. The Trump administration has attempted to justify this move, but so far those justifications have all failed. Mike Pence can keep claiming that these moves are to protect the safety of these children, but Democrats across the country are smart enough to recognize an oppressive regime when they see one.

This move is bad enough on its own, but represents a much larger and scarier trend in Trump’s administration. As each of his cabinet picks has begun finding ways to expand the power of the executive and Trump has pushed out unilateral executive order after executive order, it’s become apparent how he plans to use the presidency.

Traditionally, the system of American checks and balances has kept power-hungry presidents from seizing too much influence, but people like Trump and Sessions are pushing those boundaries. The American judicial system has historically been the strongest bulwark against an overbearing executive, so Sessions’ use of this very system to oppress transgender children on his first day is terrifying.

Now, more than ever, it needs to be made clear to Trump that Democrats plan on denying him of any tool he tries to get his hands on during his time in power. By standing up to Sessions and sharing messages like this, Democrats around the country can send a clear message to Trump’s cabinet: the American judicial system will not be used to push your agenda, and people around the country are taking notice and fighting back.

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Source: The Washington Post



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