‘Jackass-O-Lantern’: Twitter Mocks ‘Least Self-Aware’ Trump Team Over The Irony of Their Halloween Hat

President Donald Trump is selling an orange Halloween version of his “Make America Great Again” hat and you already know how that went, which is good because the Trump Team clearly did not.

Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara modeled the hat on Twitter, showing a jack-o-lantern on the front and Trump’s slogan on the back.

Twitter could not believe the Trump team missed the irony of the orange $45 jack-o-lantern hat being sold by an “orange ghoul.”

“Is that a joke?” a Twitter user wrote. “You made an orange MAGA hat?! Is that donald? You all are the least self-aware bunch I’ve ever seen.”

“While honest, I’m not sure selling an orange monster hat is the best branding strategy for the Trumps, Lara,” wrote actor Misha Collins.

“Is it a jackass-o-lantern?” asked producer Elan Gale.

“$45 for a stupid hat with Trump’s face on it… his supporters will (literally) buy anything,” wrote William LeGate.

“That’s the same color of Trump’s orange makeup, that’s so cool. He shouldn’t wear one, though, won’t know where the hat begins & the multiple chins end. (Btw, that $$ is used for his many legal fees.) At least you guys can get jobs on QVC when it’s over,” wrote Mikey Castillo.

““Trump Camp misses irony of promoting an orange-faced Trump-themed hat,” another user summed up the situation.

“An orange pumpkin face, how appropriate,” Twitter user Chris K wrote. “Looks just like the orange faced menace living in the white house.”

“It is the right color!! Just needs some yellowish straw hair on top,” Christy Hurt wrote.

“A pumpkin #MAGA hat for a pumpkin-headed president,” added Rachel.

“Love the orange color. If trump wears it, it’ll be invisible!” said a user named Paula.



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