It’s Going To Be Hard to be in Charge of Education If DeVos Can’t Even Visit a School

All of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks have been completely off base. Whether the candidates have serious conflicts of interest or are simply incompetent, they are totally unfit to hold the positions they’ve been nominated for. Executive agencies wield a tremendous amount of power over the lives of everyday Americans, so it’s terrifying that they’re about to be run by the least appropriate individuals in American history.

One pick, however, has been worse than all of the others combined. Namely, Trump’s pick for DeVos as head of the Department of Education is unconscionable. Not only has DeVos never attended a public school- she refused to even consider sending one of her own children to one. Clearly, billionaire DeVos is out of touch with the state of public education in this country.

Thankfully, caring parents have already started reacting. At a recent attempt by DeVos to visit the Jefferson Academy, a public school in Washington, D.C. Angry parents, however, were having none of it, and blocked her entrance to the school. Echoing the sentiments of many Democrats around the country, these amazing mothers and fathers refused to stand by and let their children’s educations be dismantled by Trump and his cronies.

It wouldn’t, after all, be the first time that DeVos has negatively impacted the education of American children in public schools. In the past, DeVos has been a ceaseless advocate for school choice, which has been terrible for any of the children involved. Specifically, the school choice system completely pushes the aside the needs of low-income Americans.

For someone as rich as DeVos, however, that was never a concern. Her policies against poor children in America are representative of a disturbing trend in American politics and society. More and more frequently, the wealthiest and most out of touch Americans are making decisions on behalf of economically disadvantaged citizens around the country. As the gap between high-income and low-income families in Americans continues to widen, so does the gap between the policymakers and the citizens for which those policies are intended.

Policies like DeVos’ shed a light on the serious policy implications of income inequality in this country, which is something that the Obama administration worked against tirelessly for eight years. These protests, however, should give hope to equality-minded liberals around the country. At Jefferson Academy, DeVos and Trump learned an important lesson: Democrats around the country aren’t going to let the current administration mess with their children. If DeVos wants to be an effective Secretary of Education, she’d better start considering policies that benefit all Americans, or parents around the country will keep fighting her on every move.

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Source: The Washington Post



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