In the Face of Flynn’s Resignation, Trump Continues to Release Sensitive Information on Twitter

Hypocrite, liar, bigot… and traitor? Will Democrats ever run out of reasons to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump? Not this week, that’s for sure. One of Trump’s closest confidants, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn just resigned, and Trump clearly has no idea how to handle it.

Obviously, most presidents would be furious if one of a top adviser had to resign barely a month into their presidency. The classic line would be to condemn the actions of the administrator and pledge to investigate corruption and possibly illegal action taking place in the White House, and rightfully so: it’s the President’s job to pick a cabinet that the American people can trust. If one of the President’s cabinet members damages his own reputation, he damages the reputation of the President as well.

Instead of openly condemning Flynn for possibly having shady and illegitimate contact with Russian officials, however, Trump elected to do what he does best: deflect the important questions and blame the media. In a bizarre and irrelevant twist, Trump chose not to focus on the national security of the United States of America, but instead on his unending tirade against free information.

In classic Trump fashion, he took to Twitter, sending out a vague and completely baseless message about “leaks coming out of the White House”. If Mr. Trump is so concerned about his leaky ship, perhaps he should be a better captain. It’s unlikely that Flynn was acting entirely on his own, especially considering Trump’s extensively discussed potential connections to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Clearly, this problem goes beyond Flynn: there are some seriously questionable links between Trump’s administration and Vladimir Putin’s KGB.

Facts and sense, however, aren’t what Trump is bringing to the table. Instead, he likes to blast sensitive diplomatic information over Twitter. Clearly, Trump’s ineffective and irrelevant comments about Flynn are representative of a bigger problem: the Commander-in-Chief has no idea how to navigate delicate international diplomacy.

Democrats around the country were aghast when Trump risked insulting China with his careless tweet about speaking to a Taiwanese leader, and again when he blundered by boasting about a conversation with the Australian head of state. Forget the fact that this man has his finger on the button of a devastating nuclear arsenal; Trump is about to start World War III with his Twitter account.

In all seriousness, however, Trump’s careless attitude and flippant tweet regarding Flynn’s resignation are terrifying. If the President cannot keep his own trusted advisers under control, even Trump’s supporters must be starting to doubt his ability to effectively lead the United States. If Trump cannot start taking accountability for his cabinet members, as a President ought to do, it’s time to start calling louder and louder for his impeachment.

There’s no way the American people can allow a man who cares more about his retweets on Twitter than a possibly traitorous National Security Adviser to continue sitting in the Oval Office. If you agree, make sure to share articles like this with your friends so that they can no longer ignore the degree to which Trump is unable to govern. By remaining informed about Trump’s blunders, Democrats around the country can continue to fight back against Trump and his increasingly dangerous antics.

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Source: Occupy Democrats



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