‘He’s a Horrible, Not Good Person’: Morning Joe Panel Can’t Hide Their Disgust After Trump Hits ‘Rock Bottom’

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel agreed Tuesday that President Donald Trump hit “rock bottom” with his response to the four American soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger earlier this month.

Four Green Berets were killed by ISIS fighters and it took Trump nearly two weeks to mention their deaths. When he did, he said he would send condolence letters to the families at “some point” and falsely claimed that other presidents did not reach out to grieving families of fallen soldiers. Trump said situations like these are “tough” for him.

“I really can’t, I’m so sorry, I can’t help myself,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said with her arms folded after playing the clip. “Really? It’s tough? It’s tough for you?”

“I wonder if it’s as tough as the parents who lost their sons and daughters,” she said. “Can he make a moment, perhaps just one, not about himself? It’s really hard to watch. It’s unbelievable. It’s just gross.”

“That’s offensive enough,” host Joe Scarborough agreed. “What is doubly offensive is that in that moment when he refused to even mention these heroes, when it finally comes up, he makes it about himself and then he brings up his petty, longrunning, insecure, pathetic, sad, weak with the 44th president of the United States.”

“This is rock bottom,” Brzezinski said.

Panelist Mike Barnacle agreed the display was “so sad” adding that “for this president of the United States to so demean the office” is “really a new low.”

“I had concerns about George Bush but never his humanity,” Scarborough pointed out before recalling the Bush would “break down” when he spoke of the fallen and his Defense Secretary, Bob Gates, cited the pain of losing men and women on the battlefield as a reason for leaving his job.

“Sometimes there is a moment that adds all the context a story needs and when it comes to Donald Trump this is that story,” Scarborough said. “He made the deaths of our American heroes about himself having to make a tough phone call and then attacked Barack Obama.”

“Can you imagine a president in recent memory, in our lifetimes, that would complain about making those phone calls?” Brzezinski asked. “What good, honest person with a sense of duty and honor to this country, what person who loves America would say something like that?”

“Let’s just say it, there’s nothing good about him,” she said. “He’s a horrible, not good person.”

Panelist Bill Kristol, a conservative columnist, said that “nothing is worth it” for Republicans to put up with it, no matter the Supreme Court nominations or the policy agenda.

“Republicans like Mitch McConnell and decent senators need to stand up and they really should stand up today and say ‘this is terrible,’” Kristol said. “And it really is terrible. The degradation of our public life and discourse that is happening with this presidency, none of the little policy victories or even bigger policy victories is worth it.”

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