GOP Strategist Explains Why ‘Unhinged’ Trump’s ‘War on the Republican Party’ Will Get Him Impeached

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and Republican strategist Steve Schmidt discussed the moral decay of the GOP Monday and warned of a party devoid of principles siding with an increasingly “unraveled” president.

Scarborough took aim at the conservative Christian audience at the Values Voter Summit this weekend who cheered former White House strategist Steve Bannon in his threat to take down the Republican Party with more far-right primary challenges.

“Who are these people, and what is so important to them?” Scarborough asked. “What is so important to them that they would let their children see them standing up at something called a voters value summit, praising Steve Bannon? They will be known by their fruits, and Steve Bannon is what they are known by now. Donald Trump is what they are known by now.”

Scarborough questioned why Trump would align himself with someone like Bannon when his legislative success depends on the very people he’s threatening with primary challenges.

“Trump and Bannon continue to declare war on the Republican Party, (so) they can’t be shocked when the Republican Party and the senators there decide not to vote for his latest stupid idea,” Scarborough said.

Schmidt pointed out that the president’s party historically loses seats in midterm elections but the stakes might be higher for Trump if his party loses their majorities in Congress because it would put him at risk of impeachment.

“It would seem to me if you are sitting around Donald Trump, the last thing in the world you would want to have is House Democrats with subpoena power and investigative power over this administration, but we may well see that coming,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt, who worked on Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, lamented his increasingly soulless party’s silent complicity in Trump’s principle-free agenda.

“Look, we’ve seen the hollowing out of the Republican Party intellectually (and) the destruction of the conservative movement play out over many years,” Schmidt said. “I think we’re at the end stage of it now. We have a political party that is unmoored from any type of principle. You could hold a gun to my head, and I couldn’t tell you what the party stands for, what the policies are.”

Schmidt warned that these policies are putting the entire country at risk.

“It seems like each Monday, as we start the week, the world is just a bit more dangerous, the administration a bit more unhinged, the president a bit more unraveled,” Schmidt said. “It seems that we’re moving inexorably closer to great danger in this country as a result of these policies.”

Scarborough agreed, adding that there’s “nothing conservative” about Bannon and Trump.

“They’re not for restrained foreign policy, they’re talking about the possibility of nuclear war,” Scarborough said. “You look at the spending, you look at the projections, the national debt which doubled under Bush, which doubled under Obama, now we’re at $20 trillion. It’s going to be up to $30 trillion, $35 trillion. They’re breaking the bank. They’re going to blow a hole in the national debt that’s going to cripple generations to come.”

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