Fox News Hosts’ Disgust During Coverage Of Democratic Election Wins Is Irrefutable Proof Of Where They Stand

Fox News host Tucker Carlson could not mask his disgust as he was forced to call the election for Democrat Ralph Northam Tuesday night.

Fox News likes to say they separate their “news side” and their “opinion side” but on days like Tuesday it’s folks like Carlson and Sean Hannity that have to call the races as the results come in.

Carlson was on the air when the Virginia governors’ race was called, and he called Northam’s victory over Trump-backed Republican Ed Gillespie with all the enthusiasm of a kid going to the dentist.

Tucker then moved on to covering the alleged “rigging” of the 2016 Democratic primary while every other news network devoted the entire night to covering election results.

It was a trend that continued when Hannity took over.

“Those results in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York — not states Donald Trump won,” Hannity said.

Hannity had tweeted earlier that he plans to cover the election results but that was all the coverage he had, six seconds of downplaying what had just happened.

According to, that was the last mention of the election for nearly two hours on Fox News as Hannity spent most of his time previewing Trump’s speech in South Korea.

“Easy to just mock Hannity for this, but it’s more important than that,” wrote CNN media editor Alex Koppelman. “A whole universe of people who won’t be told about important news. An alternate reality.”

After Hannity’s show, Laura Ingraham covered the Texas church massacre and questioned why liberals are “so offended and bothered by prayer.”

It wasn’t until nearly the full hour into her show that she moved on to the election results, blaming Gillespie’s loss on the fact that he “never jumped onboard the Trump train.”

“What if Gillespie had campaigned on preserving our history… Virginia first, law and order?” Ingraham asked.

Fox News Tonight’s Shannon Bream did cover the election for one segment but spent the rest of the hour covering stories about Democrats.

“Say what you will about msnbc, but had Northam lost they would have had a full five hours of ‘Democrats in disarray; s—,” political reporter Chris Hooks wrote. “This is like East German television.”

Even this morning, the Fox News website appears to not have any signs that an election happened last night and their team did very, very badly.

Along with defeating Gillespie, Democrats won the lieutenant governor and attorney general races in Virginia and flipped more than a dozen seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.

They also won the New Jersey governors’ race and key mayoral races in Charlotte, North Carolina and St. Petersburg, Florida, along with less-contested contests like the mayoral race in New York City.



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