Fox News Host Finds the Bright Side in Texas Massacre: Church is The Best Place to Be Shot

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt suggested that there is no better place to be shot than a church while discussing Sunday’s Texas massacre that killed 26 and injured at least 20 others.

Speaking with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Earhardt asserted, “We’ve been reporting this shouldn’t happen in a church. But I was downstairs talking with some people that work here that we all talk about our faith and we share the same beliefs. We were saying there’s no other place we would want to go other than church.”

“Because I’m there asking for forgiveness,” Earhardt explained. “I feel very close to Christ when I’m there. So, I’m trying to look at some positives here and know that those people are with the Lord now and experiencing eternity and no more suffering, no more sadness anymore.”

Abbott agreed that there’s a “necessity for us to come together under one God to purge evil and to rely upon the love that God provides.”

A columnist for popular conservative site The Federalist made a similar point in a bonkers piece asserting that God “wasn’t ignoring” the prayers of the people gunned down in the church, “he was answering them.”

“For those with little understanding of and less regard for the Christian faith, there may be no greater image of prayer’s futility than Christians being gunned down mid-supplication,” wrote Hans Fiene. “But for those familiar with the Bible’s promises concerning prayer and violence, nothing could be further from the truth. When those saints of First Baptist Church were murdered yesterday, God wasn’t ignoring their prayers. He was answering them.”

“Because of Christ’s saving death and resurrection, death no longer has any power over those who belong to him through faith,” he wrote. “So the enemies of the gospel can pour out their murderous rage upon Christians, but all they can truly accomplish is placing us into the arms of our savior.”

“Those who persecute the church and those who mock Christians for trusting in Almighty God rather than Almighty Government may believe that the bloodshed in Texas proves the futility of prayer,” he concluded. “But we believers see the shooting in Texas as proof of something far different—proof that Christ has counted us worthy to suffer dishonor for his name and proof that no amount of dishonor, persecution, or violence can stop him from answering our prayer to deliver us from evil.”

In both these statements we can see both the beauty and danger of organized religion. On its face, it gives comfort to believers regardless of the adversity or horror they may face. But on a grand scale, there is voluntary blindness and delusion that leaves all action up to the whims of an invisible man in the sky while mere mortals shrug and say there’s nothing we can do, it’s his will.

There are things we can do. We can stop people from purchasing assault rifles that allow them to kill scores of people. We can stop people who have a history of domestic violence, as the Texas shooter did, from purchasing any weapons. We can stop children like those gunned down in the church from having to meet their maker before they’ve even had a chance to sin. God may comfort some, but he doesn’t pass legislation.



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