Exposed: A Small Town Politician Just Refused to Appear at a Meeting After her Racist Facebook Post

Hateful movements like the neo-Nazi factions and KKK groups that appeared in Charlottesville last weekend thrive in secrecy. When they are exposed publicly, as they have been in the wake of last weekend’s tragic terrorist attack and a series of subsequent hate-rallies around the country, they falter, unable to defend their completely unjustifiable and racist views.

White supremacist beliefs find absolutely no root in fact or science, and instead rely on emotion, fear, and pure anger to motivate their members, and those sorts of messages have a hard time standing up to legitimate arguments.

Additionally, these groups are having a hard time recruiting people after the public has seen what happens to neo-Nazis that are publicly identified on social media following these rallies. This might explain why members of the KKK wear hoods: they couldn’t possibly face the consequences of having their disgusting beliefs made public.

Neo-Nazis from the rally in Charlottesville have had their entire lives turned upside down after their involvement in the march was spread on social media, with members of these groups being denounced by their families and being the subjects of petitions for removal from their universities.

One woman was so embarrassed about her “white pride” views that she was unable to fulfill her responsibility as a town elected official recently. Pimona County Supervisor Ally Miller found herself unable to attend a recent Board of Supervisor’s meeting, and sent in an email stating that she would be absent without providing a reason.

Ally Miller, an elected official in Pimona County, published her racist views on Facebook earlier this week.

Once the meeting got underway, however, it became clear why Miller didn’t show up. People angrily complained about her Facebook post, in which she complained that progressive movements are ““all about making us feel like we need to apologize. I am WHITE — and proud of it! No apologies necessary.”

Obviously, Miller failed to understand the complicated  racial and class issues that go into the identity movements currently underway in this country, and felt the need to interject her own racist and overly simplistic views into the situation.

People like Miller need to understand that simply because white supremacist movements have been receiving a lot of news coverage, it’s not okay to simply start publicly displaying racism as a public official.

If she can’t deal with the waves of criticism that she’s going to get for these remarks, the answer is clear: she has to resign.

If you agree that racist slogans like “white pride” have no place in town government, please like and share this message in order to spread the word.



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