Ex-FBI Double-Agent: Trump’s New Russia Claims Mean ‘Something Fairly Big is Coming’ in Investigation

A former FBI double-agent said that the Republicans grasping for straws to tie Democrats to Russia amid new revelations in the Trump-Putin probe suggest “something fairly big is coming.”

Naveed Jmili, the author of “How to Catch a Russian Spy,” spoke with MSNBC host Joy Reid Thursday.

Discussing the new revelations that the head of Trump campaign’s voter analytics company Cambridge Analytica reached out to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about obtaining Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, Reid noted that these ties “might be the reason there’s all this hysteria to get some other Russia-related story that targets Democrats.”

“They’ve listed nearly every Democrat they can think of: Eric Holder should go down, James Comey should go down, Hillary Clinton, and even Bob Mueller,” she said. “Do you think these two things are connected?”

“I think they are,” Jamili replied. “I mean, this isn’t Watergate, this is Stupid Watergate. The sheer grift of these people can only be countered by their incompetence. You’re absolutely right, there’s something big coming.”

“I think that these people are worried and the best they can do is do a preemptive attack on whatever it is that’s coming,” Jamili noted. “The fact that these things are coming out now, when there’s no reason to rebut anything, is for lack of a better word, just ‘curious.’ I think it’s exactly what you’re leading towards, which is there is something coming, they know about this, and they’re preemptively trying to distract the American public from something fairly big that’s coming down the pike.”

Business Insider correspondent Natasha Bertrand added, “I was also thinking that the Trump administration kind of blew past this Oct. 1 deadline to implement the sanctions on Russia, so perhaps it’s not so much something that they’re looking to preempt that’s happening in the future, but something that they’re trying to distract from that they didn’t do already,”

“That’s a good point,” Reid responded. “Because you do have an administration, that despite its sort of desperation to distance itself from the Russia investigation, it’s been ostentatiously doing things like not implementing the Russia sanctions. Do you think this is a White House that is nervous about their ties to Russia or that it’s sort of flagrantly flaunting the fact that they don’t even feel that they even need to sanction Russia?”

“I think it’s both,” Jamili replied. “Look this wasn’t Russian meddling in the election. This was a Russian campaign against the United States. ‘Meddling’ minimizes what happened.”

“At the end of the day they’re distracting us, throwing flares to try to take away from the fact that there was something significant that happened, it needs to be fixed, and there are most likely Americans who in some part aided the Russians in that activity,” he added.

The morning after the segment, Trump continued to mislead on his own Russia ties while pushing the narrative that Hillary Clinton somehow “colluded” with Russia despite no evidence to support his claim.

“It is now commonly agreed, after many months of COSTLY looking, that there was NO collusion between Russia and Trump,” the president tweeted. “Was collusion with HC!”

It is not commonly agreed there was no collusion between Trump and Russia, which is why there are multiple federal probes continuing their investigations.

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