Even Republicans Can’t Handle Trump’s Disgraceful Foreign Policy Strategy After Latest Twitter Meltdown

Even as Donald Trump’s reputation at home continues to suffer in the wake of James Comey’s absolutely devastating testimony last week, the President continues to denigrate the United States’ reputation abroad It’s important to remember that even though Americans might be preoccupied by Trump’s increasingly troubling ties to Russia as the relevant Congressional hearings come to a head, it’s important to remember that Trump can do just as much damage through his horrendous handling of international affairs as he can through his increasingly shady domestic scandals and cover-ups.

This was pointed out by Bernie Sanders months ago, when the Senator pointed out the value of the strategic alliances that the United States has spent decades establishing. The United States depends on these allies for trade relationships that help to sustain the nation’s economy, as well as diplomatic support when lobbying in bodies like the United Nations in order to promote peace around the world.

Instead of respecting these allies and recognizing the value that they bring, however, Trump has continued to insult and misunderstand them, releasing sensitive diplomatic information over Twitter and disparaging long-time friends simply because he’s lost his temper. Trump’s horrible first phone call with the Australian Prime Minister, war-mongering stance concerning North Korea, and decisions to host foreign dignitaries at his tacky Mar-a-Lago estate as opposed to the White House are all examples of his complete and total inability to conduct himself as an effective diplomat.

Trump’s recent tour around the world was a complete failure, as he embarrassed the United States in front of both our Middle East and NATO allies.

Recently, however, Trump’s foreign policy mistakes have gotten so horrible that even Republicans have started commenting on his ineptitude. Trump’s Tweets related to the recent terror attacks in London twisted London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s statements on the attacks to suit Trump’s own xenophobic and anti-immigrant agenda. Trump pulled the classic Republican move, in that instead of appropriately mourning for the victims of these attacks and expressing his condolences to the people of London, he used the event to promote his own unconstitutional and completely ineffective Muslim travel ban.

Obviously, insulting the mayor of the capital city of one of our major allies is hardly a smart diplomatic move. Republican Senator and well-known Trump critic John McCain criticized Trump harshly for this latest Twitter gaffe, stating that it meant America no longer intended to be a leader on the world stage. Even more shockingly, McCain admitted that America’s foreign policy position was better under his predecessor Barack Obama, despite the fact that McCain heavily criticized the Obama administration. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) was equally shocked about Trump’s recent Tweets calling Qatar a sponsor of state terrorism, not believing that Trump had said something along those lines until a reporter showed him the Tweets on a cellphone.

Clearly, even Republicans have lost patience with Trump’s inability to stitch together a cohesive or effective foreign policy plan. If you agree that Trump needs to stop treating our allies poorly and trashing America’s reputation abroad, it’s time to share articles like these on Facebook in order to remind people exactly how bad our country’s reputation has gotten under Trump. By continuing to focus attention abroad as well as at home, those who would like to resist Trump can continue to effectively combat his policies on all fronts.




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