Even Fox News Can’t Handle Disgusting Detail In Trump’s New Racist “It’s America, Speak American” Immigration Bill

Early Wednesday, Donald Trump announced a new immigration policy bill alongside two Republican Senators, David Purdue (R-GA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR). The announcement was done in typical Trump fashion, in that half of it was composed of blatantly racist and ineffective policy proposals and the other half was loaded with half-truths and misleading statements about the economy meant to appeal to his uninformed and xenophobic base.

The specific policy aspects of the bill are atrocious, and stand no chance of being passed through today’s sharply divided House and Senate. The hallmark feature of the bill, and the one that most precludes it from serious consideration, is the fact that it would require English speaking fluency in order to be considered for immigration into the United States.

“It’s America, speak American” has long been a rallying cry for the racist and uneducated individuals in the United States who hate immigrants, and the fact that the President of the United States is now trying to appeal to these people is shameful.

Even Fox News can’t handle the idiocy behind this latest policy proposal, with multiple Fox commentators blasting the legislation. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, a frequent Fox News commentator and judicial analyst for the network, claimed that the bill would never pass “the common understanding of the first amendment.”

Napolitano also pointed out the impracticability of such a measure, in that it would have prevented people like Albert Einstein from immigrating at all, and prevent the United States from benefiting from the intellect of geniuses that want to immigrate here. You can see Napolitano’s comments on Fox below:

From the economic perspective, Fox Business News analyst Mercedes Schlapp was also frustrated with the bill. Like many wealthy Republicans, Schlapp was hoping that the party would be moving forward on tax reform this week, and Trump’s announcement only serves to muddy the waters and take focus off of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s stated goals of providing huge tax cuts for the rich. See Schalpp’s frustration with the bill, which she claims will “go nowhere”, below:

If even Fox News hates Trump’s new immigration bill, it’s obvious that it’s bound to fail. Trump needs to understand that it’s time he quits wasting taxpayer money by pushing unpassable legislation on Congress, and starts focusing on initiatives that will actually help the country.

If he’s incapable of that, which it would certainly appear is the case, Congress needs to start doing its job and impeach Trump NOW.



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