Donald Trump Would Rather Golf than Read Intelligence Briefings, Spends Less than 1% of Time as President on Intelligence

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump made countless promises to treat the Presidency differently than Barack Obama. He criticized Obama for spending too much time on vacation, and loved to rave about how much time Obama spent on the golf course. At this point, it comes at no surprise that Trump’s promises to work “full-time” on the Presidency were one of his many lies, but it’s recently been revealed exactly how egregious his use of time has been.

Specifically, Trump has spent pathetically little time analyzing information reports or meeting with the media, and has instead chosen to focus on spending his time on Twitter and on vacation. Despite his criticisms of Obama, he somehow managed to play 18-holes of golf with professional golfer Rory McElroy, apparently using the Presidency to spend time with celebrities as opposed to actually doing his job.

It’d be bad enough if Trump was doing all of this on his own dime, but the finances for these trips come directly out of the National Treasury. That means that taxpayers around the country, even those who fervently disagree with Trump’s xenophobic and ineffective policy decisions, have been paying for these vacations.

Clearly, the people in charge of spinning Trump’s actions to look tolerable know how embarrassing this is. In fact, while Trump was playing his 18-holes with Rory McElroy, his advisers lied to the press and told them it was “just a few holes”- a far cry from the truth, which is that he spent almost the whole day playing through the entire course. When it comes to the Trump administration, it’s lies whether it’s business or pleasure.

Trump playing golf; a hobby that he has apparently carried with him into the Oval Office.

In addition to golfing with famous athletes, Trump has another hobby that Americans around the country know all too well: his penchant for going on long rants on Twitter. Whether it’s causing a foreign diplomacy gaffe, complaining about celebrities who disagree with him, or simply spewing nonsense, the President spends a lot of time on Twitter. The actual amount of time might shock you.

In fact, Trump spent 18 hours on Twitter. Yes, almost an entire day out of the President’s first month was dedicated to a social media site as opposed to actual policy deliberation. For context, Trump spent only 6 hours reading daily intelligence briefings, or only 12 minutes a day. In other words, the President spent only .83% of his first 30 days addressing intelligence briefings, which usually occupy a huge amount of the President’s attention. This graphic from a top Washington Post analyst makes this puts this shocking information in visual form:

If you find this news incredibly troubling, you’re not alone. It was bad enough when Trump was elected, as his policies terrified and offended reasonable people all over the country, and indeed, the world. What’s even worse, however, is that now that Trump has taken office he absolutely refuses to take the role seriously. Maybe if the President spent more time at work and less time golfing, he’d be able to control his cabinet and keep his administration together.

If you think that this is an issue that more people need to be aware of, please be sure to share this article on Facebook so that Americans across the country can start demanding one thing of Trump: get off of Twitter, and start doing your job. If not, the only option is impeachment.

Sources: Washington Post



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