Don Jr. Just Tried to Call Out the Media for ‘Not Covering’ Obama ‘Collusion’ but It Backfired Big Time

Donald Trump Jr. tried and failed to bust the media for a President Obama “collusion” conspiracy theory that “no one will cover.”

Don Jr. seized on a report by Politico revealing that State Department attempts to get Iran to grow more moderate and end their nuclear program took priority over lower level criminal investigations into members of Iranian political party Hezbollah.

Don Jr. claimed that the report was a “secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook.”

“The real collusion story no one will cover,” Don Jr. wrote, along with a link to Politico, which covered the story extensively.

Aside from the fact that Don Jr. linked to a report that covered it while claiming it wasn’t being covered, the actual story doesn’t exactly paint the “collusion” narrative that the president’s son wants to use to distract from the growing federal investigation into his father’s potential crimes.

According to the report, federal agents linked numerous Hezbollah officials to drug trafficking and money laundering and were building a case against them. This came at the same time that the Obama administration was trying to get Hezbollah to grow more moderate as they attempted to negotiate a deal that would stop Iran’s nuclear program. In order to help get the deal done, and help create a more moderate non-nuclear Iran, the Obama administration stalled those investigations.

Former Obama officials add that some of the cases also lacked evidence or may have interfered with more important intelligence operations.

“What if the CIA or [Israeli intelligence agency] the Mossad had an intelligence operation ongoing inside Hezbollah and they were trying to pursue someone . . . against whom we had impeccable [intelligence] collection and the DEA is not going to know that?” a former Obama official asked. “I get the feeling people who don’t know what’s going on in the broader universe are grasping at straws.”

It’s not exactly Watergate. If Don Jr. actually bothered to read the article, he’d see that it repeatedly cites “shifting priorities” within the administration from trying to bust drug traffickers to trying to stop nuclear proliferation.

Moreover, aside from federal agents who are understandably still angry their years of work going down the drain while the administration focused on more important geopolitical goals, the more antagonistic quotes come from neocons that have been opposed to the Iran deal from the start in favor of a full-on war instead.

But it’s important to remember that while it’s fun to drag Don Jr. for lacking even the most basic grasp of facts, this is all a distraction from a president who is actively rejecting his own intelligence and law enforcement findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to hurt his opponent’s campaign. Not seven years ago, right now.

And while that president may be doing so to try to knock down the narrative that he won because of Russia, he is actively stalling action against a country actively involved in a cyberwarfare campaign against our elections, our infrastructure, and our society.

Russia didn’t stop when Trump won. They’re not just planning to interfere in the 2018 and 2020 elections as well as elections our allies are scheduled to hold. They are actively pushing propaganda to sow division in the country as you read this sentence.



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