Democratic Senator Points Out: Trump’s Attitude About Russia Hearings is Terrifying, Un-American

Throughout the recent proceedings regarding Russian interference in the most recent United States presidential elections, Donald Trump’s dismissal of the mounting evidence in support of Russian electioneering is troubling, and indeed, frustrating. The fact that the President of the United States seems not to care if a foreign power directly engaged the United States in cyber attacks intended to manipulate the electoral process is deeply concerning, as many other presidents would consider this a direct attack.

Instead of being concerned for the well-being of American citizens or the violation of the country’s cyber-security systems, Donald Trump has been dead set on spreading his own agenda of lies. Trump refers to the verified reports of Russian interference as “fake news” in order to disrupt the intelligence proceedings and discredit the independent press corps, while he uses outlets like Breitbart and Fox News to push a biased pro-Republican agenda.

One Democratic Senator pointed out the troubling nature of Trump’s attitude regarding the Russian proceedings when he made a stirring speech about the grave nature of the threat represented by these Russian cyber attacks. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) took the floor during the recent Senate Intelligence Committee hearings to make one thing clear: a Russian attempt to interfere with American elections can not be treated as a partisan political issue.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) pointed out the incredibly troubling nature of Trump’s attitude in regards to the ongoing intelligence proceedings in Congress.

Denouncing attempts by Republicans to divide these hearings along party lines, Warner pointed out that “This information is not about whether you have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ next to your name… it is not about re-litigating last falls’ election. It is about clearly understanding and responding to this very real threat.” Warner couldn’t be more correct in this statement- while Trump wants to turn this discussion into bickering between Republicans and Democrats, people like Warner are realizing that this is far more serious threat.

Warner is doing exactly what every Senator, regardless of which party they’re a member of, needs to do. Instead of backing up Trump and helping him defend and justify his ridiculous lies, Republicans in Congress need to realize that the Russian issue is far more important than a partisan fight. They need to do their jobs and protect their citizens from future cyber attacks like these, and that means getting to the bottom of the entire Russia-Trump connection.

If you agree, and think Republicans need to put the interests of their constituents before the interests of Trump, please share this message with your family and friends on Facebook. Americans everywhere in both parties need to stand up to this Russian threat, and fight for the truth. Clearly, Trump has something to hide here, and it’s time to figure out what exactly that is.




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