Damage Control: Trump Just Got Caught Asking Lawyers to Check on Pardoning Family After What Mueller Just Got His Hands On

After news broke yesterday that Robert Mueller would be investigating Donald Trump’s finances pursuant to his role as the special prosecutor investigating Trump’s connections to Russia, Trump has been completely freaking out. He’s destroyed his previously amicable relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he announced that appointing Sessions was a “mistake”, an incredibly insulting statement. Furthermore, he had his legal team release a statement saying that they would take action if it were to be decided that Mueller was operating outside of the scope of his investigation, which was a thinly veiled threat that violates the independence from the executive that a special prosecutor is supposed to be protected by.

After Mueller announced that he’d be investigating Trump’s finances, the President was both furious and terrified.

If his tone to the public is angry and blustering, however, his tone in private is quite different. In fact, Trump has expressed to top aides and legal advisers that he would like to explore the extent of his presidential pardon powers. That’s right: Trump is so fearful of criminal prosecution in the wake of Mueller’s expanded investigation that he’s now trying to find out if he can pardon himself and his family.

Obviously, he has reason to be scared. Mueller could begin digging around his tax returns, which he has famously refused to release to the public. This caused waves during the election, when debate opponents pointed out that he is the only President not to do so since Jimmy Carter, but has been forgotten in the wake of the series of explosive revelations about Russia. Now, Mueller could potentially bring that full circle, using Trump’s hidden tax returns to expose his potentially criminal financial activities with Russian agents.

If Trump is asking about his ability to pardon himself, he must be seriously worried about criminal charges that could be brought against himself or his family. If his plan is to simply pardon his sons and advisers for their potentially illegal activities both during and before his presidency, it’s time to send a clear message: Americans aren’t about to let that happen. There’s only one way to guarantee that he can’t get away with that, and that’s to impeach Trump now.

Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with a Russian agents may have been illegal, and Trump is now exploring the use of his presidential pardon powers.

After all, if he’s impeached before criminal charges are brought, he won’t be able to pardon himself or obstruct the operations of the judiciary department. If you agree that it’s time to get him out before he can use the powers of the presidency to keep his corrupt family out of jail, like and share this message now to expose his sleazy pardoning plan.



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