Corporate America Condemns Caustic President, Force Trump To Torch Manufacturing Council

After the awful racist terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia at the white supremacist rally, Trump stayed silent for an excruciatingly long time before finally condemning the KKK and neo-Nazis responsible for the death and chaos.

Trump received a lot of backlash for his silence on the tragic issue and the fallout is taking a toll on Trump and his national support.

Not only did Trump begrudgingly condemn a significant portion of his voter base, but the time it took him to do so has Americans on both sides outraged. Many former Trump supporters have even decided to jump ship.

It’s not just his political bridges that are burning, but also his business ties.

Shortly after the media called Trump out for staying silent on the attack, news broke of a number of CEOs announced that they would be leaving Trump’s manufacturing council.

In typical arrogant Trump fashion, Trump responded by pretending not to care and saying that there were CEOs lining up to take the places of those that had left.

Unfortunately for Trump, this was, once again, a lie. It turns out that no one wants to be seen doing business with the man that has normalized racism and alt-right violent behavior in America. It’s just not good business.

Only a day after Trump’s brazen response, saying he doesn’t need these former-council-member CEOs Trump came back to Twitter, this time with his tail between his legs, announcing that he will be shutting down the manufacturing council.

Interesting how when you condone and promote racism and terrorism people tend not to like you as much. Maybe this marks a point in Trump’s presidency where even the holdouts are starting to wake up and notice what a monster Trump has been.

This just shows that Trump’s manufacturing Council was not actually about supporting and growing the American economy as he so desperately tried to convince the press and the nation. It was always about pride, and rather than let these CEOs keep leaving until there was nothing left, he shut it down.

This is the equivalent of the “you can’t fire me, I quit!” This is the type of childish behavior that we have become accustomed to seeing with Trump.

It will be interesting to see what other sorts of relationships and connections start to collapse in the days to come following Trump’s inaction and support of racism.

One thing’s for sure, sooner or later Trump is going down. We can only hope that when he does, he doesn’t bring us all down with him.

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