Conservatives Losing Around the World: British Citizens REJECT Theresa May’s Policies

Even as Trump continues to embarrass the United States on the international stage, other countries are dealing with their own disasters of hard line conservative leaders. Last year, the “Brexit” debacle served as a massive humiliation for the British government, forcing Prime Minster David Cameron’s resignation. Millions of British citizens turned out to vote either for or against a referendum on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and much to the chagrin of the British government and most sensible British citizens, people mistakenly voted to leave.

As a result, the British Pound Sterling took a massive hit in international currency exchange markets as investors lost faith in the British economy’s ability to stand on its own, and millions of British citizens woke up to a new reality in which they were confused as to what they actually voted for. Recently, new Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, the provision in the European Union’s Constitution that allows member states to leave.

As a result, the process of the United Kingdom leaving the EU has formally started, and British citizens were dismayed for obvious reasons. As a result of the rising levels of discontent in Britain, Theresa May has called for a snap election, hoping to win and thus solidify her mandate by the British people to move forward with Brexit.

Unfortunately for May, however, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that voters around the world are rejecting the hard line conservative style of leadership that has defined both Trump and May’s style of governance. Citizens are sick and tired of xenophobic and ineffective policy that serves no purpose except for alienating the international community and oppressing minorities and immigrants.

May’s popularity has been steadily decreasing, and recently, even Britian’s top conservative tabloid magazine abandoned her. The Sun, a tabloid that has traditionally supported May, recently published an article that has highlighted all of her mistakes in office. If even low-quality and conservative-catering magazines like the Sun have abandoned May, she should be quite worried about the upcoming snap elections.

Theresa May has good reason to be worried as the impending snap elections in the United Kingdom approach, as her popularity has been quickly slipping.

Hopefully, this trend extends to other countries. Marie La Pen’s popularity in France is troubling, but if the situations in Britain and the United States are any indication, French voters will reject her policies in the upcoming elections. Working together, the international community can reject these autocratic and neo-fascist leaders.

If you agree that the EU cannot make the same mistake that Americans did when they elected Trump, please share this article with your friends and family on Facebook. It’s time for liberals around the world to unite and fight for what’s right, and keep these irresponsible and short-sighted conservatives out of office.




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