Conservative NRA Advocate Jokes That North Korea Should Bomb Liberal California City

It’s hard to understand why Republicans are often so hawkish in their foreign policy. Time and time again, Republicans have pushed for more aggressive funding of the military and more widespread use of United States military forces around the world, despite the fact that this often puts the lives of United States military personnel at risk and ignores the alternative diplomatic options.

This rejection of diplomacy has been a trademark of Trump’s policy in interacting with North Korea, as he’s made clear multiple times over the course of his presidency. Mike Pence threatened Pyongyang multiple times when he conducted his official state visit there, and Donald Trump made an incendiary (and completely improvised) threat against North Korea earlier this week. It’s unclear if he actually intends to follow through on these threats or if he’s merely pandering to his war-hungry base and political party, but either way, his remarks have put national security at risk by escalating tensions with a nation that might have the capability of striking the United States.

In fact, this is exactly what North Korean leadership threatened to do in response to Trump’s statements, saying that they would obliterate an American air base in Guam. While most people found such a threat to be incredibly alarming, one conservative NRA employee had a suggestion for Kim Jung Un: bomb California instead.

Grant Stinchfield, an NRA host, has been criticized for Tweeting that North Korea should bomb California. He has since apologized for the remarks.

That’s right- a card carrying NRA member and host of an NRA online television show advocated for an attack on United States soil. Grant Stinchfield Tweeted that the United States should “send a note to North Korea that Sacramento changed its name to Guam!”, implying that he wouldn’t mind if North Korea nuked a liberal city. Therein lies the hypocrisy of these incredibly partisan “patriots”, who are far more concerned with promoting their own political ideology than they are with working across the aisle to benefit the country as a whole.

This sort of dangerous attitude cannot be tolerated. It’s this sort of dogmatic and tacitly violent rhetoric that got Trump elected, and it’s representative of a larger flaw in American society. If you agree that Stinchfield and those who supported his few are incredibly misguided and that this sort of violent and pro-war humor has no place in productive political discourse, please like and share this message in order to make this example of NRA hypocrisy go viral.



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