Columnist Investigates, Lays Out Strong Case That ‘Donald Trump Can’t Read’ (VIDEO)

A columnist defended President Donald Trump name-dropping the non-existent country of “Nambia” at the United Nations this week by laying out a strong case that the president “can’t read.”

“I believe Donald Trump can’t read,” Michael Harriot of The Root wrote after the president’s gaffe. “Maybe ‘can’t’ is too harsh a word. I think he struggles with multisyllabic words.”

As proof that Trump struggles to read, Harriot cites his first example: “He’s racist.”

“We can debate whether or not Donald Trump is a white supremacist, but we must admit that he’s at least a little bit racist, right?” he asks, before noting being a “little racist” is like being a “little pregnant” and “we can all agree that racism is stupid.”

He then cites an MSNBC video showing Trump struggle to read off Teleprompters:

He goes on to mention Trump’s unconstitutional policies like the travel ban, noting that they may not be part of his “authoritarian” plan but simply because “he’s never read the Constitution.”

After all, “there are a lot of big words in the Constitution,” Harriot adds.

Harriot lists the toxins in his spray tan, his hate of Teleprompters, and his admitted disdain for reading as further proof, before moving on to his tweets.

“Trump’s tweets have an amazing number of spelling errors for someone who made it past the fourth grade,” Harriot writes. “He said Obama was trying to “tapp” his phones. He said China’s theft of naval secrets was ‘unpresidented.’ He often confuses ‘too’ and ‘to,’ and said he was ‘honered’ to serve as president.”

Of course, the only thing worse than Trump being unable to read is him being able to read.

This would mean, Harriot writes, “he actually read the Constitution but chose to treat it with complete disregard. This means he insults world leaders just to insult them. This means he doesn’t care about the bills he passes or the executive orders he enacts and has no regard for the law of the land, Congress or the American people.”

Harriot is just the latest in a series of investigators to determine the president struggles with the written word.

Last year, “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee laid out a strong case that Trump is illiterate.

Bee began by showing a clip of Trump attempting to get out of reading a document at a deposition, citing that the excerpt was “long” and he didn’t bring his glasses and couldn’t read the “small writing.”

“The signs that Donald Trump can’t read have been in front of us all along,” Bee said.

“When he’s on the campaign trail, what’s his biggest enemy, besides knowledge, integrity, and basic human decency?” Bee asked before playing clips of Trump attack Teleprompters.

“I say we should outlaw Teleprompters!” Trump says in one of the clips.

“We’re not definitely saying Donald Trump can’t read,” Bee said. “We’re just asking the question.”

Bee played a clip of Trump saying President Obama “might have been” born in the US. “And we believe you might can read!” Bee declared.

Watch the clip below:



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