BREAKING: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to Introduce Legislation Protecting Special Investigation, Claims “The Beginning of the End of a Trump Presidency”

Earlier this afternoon, United States Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave an interview to an assembled group of reporters during which he launched an all out attack on President Trump due to the president’s highly disturbing treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Special Counsel Robert Mueller over the past week. Trump has been on a mission to publicly shame Sessions and potentially force him to resign, stating that hiring him was a “mistake”, and that Sessions should not have recused himself from the ongoing Justice Department investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with Russian agents during the 2016 election.

Graham made a number of incendiary statements, condemning the way the Trump had been treating Sessions, who Graham described as having a “sense of fair play” despite the fact that the two often disagreed on policy during their time as colleagues in the Senate.

Graham was straightforward and pulled no punches. Graham stated that if Trump made any attempts to fire Sessions in the same way that he did Comey, there would be “holy hell to pay”, and that Trump’s treatment of Sessions was “not going over well in the Senate.”

Furthermore, Graham said that any attempt to go after Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller would be “the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.”

This statement comes as a result of the fact that Trump’s legal team has been issuing thinly veiled threats towards Mueller and his team ever since it became public knowledge that Mueller would be auditing Trump’s financial history and tax returns as part of his investigation into potential Russian collusion.

Any criminal activity that could be discovered in the review of these records would lead to criminal prosecution, regardless of whether or not it was directly linked to Russia, which is especially terrifying to someone like Trump, who has a shady business history. Remember: Al Capone, the famous gangster, wasn’t busted for murder or drug trafficking, but for tax evasion.

United States Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced hours ago that he would introduce legislation to prevent Trump from going over Robert Mueller and Jeff Sessions.

Graham stated that he would be introducing legislation with bipartisan report that would prevent any sitting President from firing a special prosecutor tasked with investigating the president without judicial review of the firing, which would prevent Trump from obstructing justice and interfering with this investigation.

While statements like this have been made in the past by many Senators, this is a new milestone, as Graham is a staunchly conservative Republican with a wide degree of support from his party and a history of bipartisan efforts.

Statements from Democratic senators condemning Trump, while important, aren’t unexpected. The fact that a career Republican would come out and directly threaten the President in this manner, however, is certainly noteworthy.

While Democrats and Republicans may disagree on a number of policy issues, both parties are duty-bound to hold the President responsible for criminal activity, and it’s a huge step forward that Republicans are finally beginning to acknowledge this. Watch the interview below:

While Jeff Sessions certainly has a far from perfect political record, his ability to operate independently as Attorney General and Robert Mueller’s ability to conduct his special investigation MUST be protected in order to ensure that the American people get the justice that they deserve.

It’s time that Republicans and Democrats work together in the Senate, not to protect one policy interest or another, but to ensure that the Constitution is abided by and that criminals don’t sit in the Oval Office. If you agree, and you think it’s time for a bipartisan effort to get Trump out, please like and share this message on Facebook to spread the word about this breaking development.



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