BREAKING: Financial Data Investigators Just Got From Deutsche Bank Could Be The Final Nail In Trump’s Coffin

The special investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia has been garnering massive amounts of attention over the past few days due to the rapidly expanding scope of the case. While Trump clearly intended for the investigation to be incredibly narrow and ineffectual, special prosecutor Mueller has recently been probing into areas that the President had previously hoped would remain untouched, such as the Trump family’s finances.

As a result, many of Trump’s old business partners are suddenly worried about receiving subpoenas in the mail and being held accountable for past behaviors. One such financial institution, Deutsche Bank, is of particular interest to investigators due to the fact that they loaned Trump money far after any other bank would consider doing so. While peer institutions considered loaning Trump money to be too high-risk due to his terrible business track record, Deutsche Bank was happy to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to be used in financing Trump’s projects.

In fact, Deutsche Bank has loaned Trump over $1 billion, which is especially shocking given that Trump actually sued them over a dispute related to the $630 million loan Deutsche Bank gave him to build his flagship Chicago hotel. The German financial institution has also provided loans to other members of the Trump family, as both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have received money from the bank in the past.

After doing business with Donald Trump for years and lending him over $1 billion, Deutsche Bank has agreed to turn over their records to investigators.

After substantial pressure from Justice Department investigators and Congressional Democrats, Deutsche Bank has agreed to disclose financial information regarding their transactions with the Trump family, likely hoping to avoid invasive subpoenas and lengthy justice procedures. While it’s impossible to say right now exactly what this information will reveal, it’s likely to turn over some shocking new information given their extensive history lending money to Trump.

While the President may be taking the tactic of threatening those investigating him, that isn’t stopping the CIA, FBI, and Justice Departments from pushing ahead with their investigations. It hasn’t stopped the number of powerful Washington insiders from testifying in front of the House and Senate, and it won’t stop institutions like Deutsche Bank from turning on him as soon as investigative authorities pressure them a bit. Truly, for all of his kicking and screaming, Trump’s days in office are clearly numbered as more and more people become scared to align themselves with the rapidly failing President.



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