BREAKING: A CONCRETE Link Between Comey Firing and Russia Investigations Now Exists

Earlier this week, news outlets around the country reacted in shock when it broke that Donald Trump had asked FBI Director James Comey to resign from his position. Many sites, including FWD NOW, speculated that this occurred primarily due to Comey’s high level of involvement with the ongoing FBI investigations into Trump’s connections with Russia, both during the 2016 election campaign and after taking the office of the Presidency. According to a bombshell New York Times report, these outlets were correct, and concrete evidence exists linking Comey’s dismissal to his attempts to step up the Trump-Russia investigation.

Apparently, Comey’s dismissal came only days after Comey made a documented attempt to increase the scope of these investigations, requesting increased personnel and financial resources from the Department of Justice for these investigations. These increased investments would have allowed Comey to speed up the pace of these investigations and explore other potential connections, making it more likely that the FBI director uncovered even more relationships between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.

Obviously, the prospect of this terrified the higher-ups on Trump’s administration. It’s important to remember that Jeff Sessions, who leads the Department of Justice and thus would have undoubtedly been aware of the contents of Comey’s request for additional resources, was accused of perjury for his own Russian connections. What Sessions did next, then, finally makes sense.

It was Sessions who wrote a letter to Trump advocating for Comey’s dismissal. There is now a causal chain of events linking Comey’s FBI investigations to his firing: Sessions, scared of the prospect of a more formidable Russia investigations, immediately alerted Trump as to Comey’s attempt to strengthen the investigation. Seeing this, Trump became scared as well, as he’s already facing a lot of heat from the parallel investigations in the House and the Senate. In an attempt to save both himself and his advisers, Trump immediately asked for Comey’s resignation.

Trump is clearly attempting to slow down the FBI investigations into his connections to Russia.

What Trump failed to understand, however, is that Americans and the national news media would immediately see through his transparent attempt to impede the Russian investigations. People are going to continue demanding the truth as to Trump’s Russia connections, and authoritarian moves like this will only serve to INCREASE the fervor with which Americans advocate for the exposure of the truth.

The best way to counter Republican attempts to impede these investigations is to continue to share articles like these on Facebook, widely publicizing Republican schemes and building public opposition to them. This worked when Devin Nunes attempted to block the investigations in the House and Senate, and will now work again when Trump tries to block the investigations in the FBI.



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