Bob Mueller Just Had a Meeting That Could Be The Beginning of the End for Trump’s Presidency

Disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s lawyer met with special counsel Bob Mueller’s team Monday, suggesting that a deal could be in the works that could turn the former Trump aide against the president.

ABC News reports that Flynn lawyer Robert Kelner met with the Mueller team, the “latest indication that both sides are discussing a possible plea deal.”

Last week, The New York Times reported that Flynn’s legal team terminated an agreement to discuss the Mueller probe with President Donald Trump’s lawyers.

Trump’s legal team confirmed to ABC that Flynn’s lawyers told them they will “no longer engage in privileged discussions about defense strategy in the case.”

All of this suggests that Flynn is preparing to make a deal, especially given that Mueller reportedly has enough information to indict his son, Michael G. Flynn, who worked closely with his father at his consulting business.

“Michael G. Flynn, who worked as part of the Flynn Intel Group, the consulting firm founded by the elder Flynn, a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency,” ABC reported. “Michael G. Flynn also traveled with his father to Russia in 2015 for his now famous appearance at a Moscow dinner where he sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

The heart of the strong case against Flynn are his undisclosed foreign contacts and his work for foreign governments.

Democrats who are part of the Congressional probes into Russia’s role in the 2016 election say they have sent Mueller information that Flynn “illegally concealed more than a dozen foreign contacts and overseas trips during the process of renewing his security clearances.”

“It appears that General Flynn violated federal law by omitting this trip and these foreign contacts from his security clearance renewal application in 2016 and concealing them from security clearance investigators who interviewed him as part of the background check process,” Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel wrote in a letter to Flynn’s lawyer.

“He has, over and over again, omitted information that he should have disclosed,” Cummings explained to ABC News. “It’s not an aberration, and that’s clear.

Among his omissions were the 2015 trip to Russia where he sat with Putin. Flynn also failed to disclose that he was a foreign agent who was paid $530,000 over three months for work on behalf of a Turkish businessman who has close ties to the country’s government.

His most bizarre act was plotting to kidnap a dissident Turkish cleric who is now a legal American resident and fly him to Turkey for $15 million.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who attended a meeting with Flynn and his associates in which the plan was discussed, confirmed to ABC News that Flynn was very serious about the plot.

“It became clear to me that they were seriously considering a kidnapping operation for Gulen, and I told them then that it was a bad idea, it was illegal,” Woolsey said. “I won’t say that they had firmly decided to do that. But they were seriously considering it.”

With a strong case against Flynn, and with his son under the microscope, it’s no question why the disgraced ex-Trump aide would be willing to deal. The bigger question for us, and the president, is how much does Flynn know to aid the investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election.



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