Another One Of Trump’s Top Picks For Federal Judge Just Had To Withdraw For Extremely Embarrassing Reason

President Donald Trump’s judicial pick for a top federal court has dropped out after a humiliating appearance in Congress, but the president claims “his guys” are responsible for choosing the horribly unqualified nominee.

Matthew Petersen, Trump’s pick for the US District Court for the District of Columbia, has withdrawn his nomination, CNN reports.

Petersen became a viral sensation last week, for all the wrong reasons.

While appearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Petersen wilted under basic questioning from Republican Louisiana Gov. John Kennedy.

Petersen, who serves as a Federal Election Commissioner, admitted that he had never tried a case in court and had only been involved in a handful of depositions.

“Mr. Petersen, have you ever tried a jury trial?” Kennedy asked.

“I have not,” Petersen replied.

“Civil?” Kennedy asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Criminal?” Kennedy asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Bench?” Kennedy asked.

“No,” he replied.

“State or federal court?” Kennedy asked.

“I have not,” he replied.

“Have you ever taken a deposition?” Kennedy asked.

“I was involved in taking depositions when I was an associate at Wiley Rein when I first came out of law school,” he replied.

“How many depositions?” Kennedy asked.

“I’m struggling to remember,” Petersen replied.

“Less than 5?” Kennedy asked.

“Probably somewhere in that range,” he replied.

“Have you ever tried a — taken a deposition by yourself?” Kennedy asked.

“I believe not, no,” Petersen said.

Later in the questioning, Kennedy asked, “Well, as a trial judge, you’re obviously going to have witnesses. Can you tell me what the Daubert standard is?”

“I don’t have that readily at my disposal but I would be happy to take a closer look at that. That is not something I’ve had to contend with,” he replied.

“Do you know what a motion in limine is?” Kennedy asked.

“I would probably not be able to give you a good definition right here at the table,” he replied.

“Do you know what the Younger abstention doctrine is?” Kennedy asked.

“I’ve heard of it,” Petersen replied.

After the video went viral, Kennedy questioned Petersen’s qualifications for the job.

“Mr. Petersen is a really smart guy. I read his background check by the FBI and he’s a decent guy,” he told WWL-TV. “But just because you’ve seen ‘My Cousin Vinny’ doesn’t qualify you to be a federal judge, and he has no litigation experience, and my job on the Judiciary Committee is to catch him. I would strongly suggest he not give up his day job.”

Kennedy said that Trump called him personally to say that Petersen might be unqualified but blamed his “staff” for selecting him.

“The president called me the day before yesterday,” he said. “He doesn’t interview these guys. He has a staff do it. And he said, ‘Kennedy, I think you’re right.’”

Petersen said he is withdrawing his nomination in a letter to Trump, complaining that, “I had hoped that my nearly two decades of public service would carry more weight than my worst two minutes on television.”



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