Another Failed Trump Business: Trump Model Management Shutting Down

For someone who built his entire reputation on his supposed success as a businessman, Donald Trump is having a really hard time keeping his businesses afloat. After facing a devastating lawsuit following the embarrassing failure of Trump University, Donald Trump has tried to keep national attention focused on his golf and hotel businesses as opposed to his variety of other failed ventures; maybe that’s why the President has spent so much time golfing in Florida or relaxing at his Mar-A-Lago resort.

Unfortunately, however, leaked emails have recently made it clear that yet another Trump brand is shutting down. Joining the likes of Trump Airlines and Trump Steaks, Trump Model Management is officially biting the dust and closing its doors sometimes in the coming weeks. According to Corinne Nicolas, the president of Trump’s modeling agency, the Trump Organization is “choosing to exit the model industry,” which means that Trump Modeling’s employees and stakeholders are going to find themselves out of work.

Despite Nicolas’ claims that Trump Modeling has been a tremendous success throughout its 18-year run, the agency has been a tremendous embarrassment for Trump’s business portfolio for years. Trump Modeling has been found to be in violation of numerous immigration policies and procedures regarding their illegal hiring of foreign models, which is ironic given the President’s regressive and racist stance against immigrants.

Trump Model Management will be closing its doors, according to a leaked email.

Apparently, Trump is willing to benefit from the labor of immigrants, but not recognize the cultural benefits of being a welcoming country. His company also financially intimidated its employees, facing them to take on ridiculously high rents and often leaving them in debt.

It would appear that Trump Modeling is only the latest casualties of Trump’s string of dishonest and abusive business practices. Throughout the campaign season, Donald Trump promised to run the country efficiently, treating it like one of his many businesses. If Trump Modeling, Trump Airlines, and Trump University are examples of how Donald runs his businesses, Americans across the country should hope that Trump doesn’t end up running the country into the ground as well.

Trump clearly isn’t capable of running a modeling agency, let alone a country. The most effective thing that Americans can do at this point is make sure that people find out about this most recent failure, as Trump will undoubtedly lie about it and try to cover it up. If you agree, make sure to share this article with friends and family on Facebook so that Americans around the country know exactly how incompetent of a businessman Trump is, and that he can’t use this lie in his next campaign.



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